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Broker Toolkit

The New Healthcare Landscape—How to Make it Work for Your Clients

A Toolkit for Brokers and Advisors

To be a trusted advisor and problem solver for your clients, you need to stay ahead of the latest trends and help drive the conversation for higher-value healthcare. The resources you can access here will help anyone understand the new landscape of payment reform in healthcare, and how it is changing both delivery systems and insurance products. It’s designed to help you get more value for your clients’ healthcare dollars, and position you as a thought leader. The suite of educational materials includes slide decks, articles and infographics you can brand with your logo and use for handouts, bylined articles, presentations, and seminars. Further, there are links to products created by two organizations doing cutting-edge research on payment reform where you can find a complete glossary of healthcare payment reform tools you can use to explore payment reform options in the markets you serve.

Webinar Series

This webinar series will help brokers better understand the new healthcare landscape and how to make these changes work for your clients. Learn about the latest trends and practices from national experts in this FREE, 10-part series covering the latest developments in healthcare delivery, payment and transparency. Helping your clients get more value for their healthcare dollars will be a major theme during these informative training sessions.

Be a trusted advisor and problem solver, by doing more than just staying on top of the latest trends. Get ahead of them and help drive the conversation for higher-value healthcare among employers and insurers.

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Slide Decks

The five slide decks are drawn from the 10-part webinar series NAHUEF conducted in 2015-2016. “Strategies for Getting Greater Value in Healthcare” is a 57-slide deck that covers the state of the U.S. healthcare system, payment reform, price transparency and value-based insurance design. You can download the deck and pick and choose the slides you need for your presentation. The “notes” section of each slide has suggested talking points you can use to present the information on the slide. The notes also contain links to the sources for the facts and figures, so you can update any facts and figures that become dated. The four other, shorter decks, all drawn from the master deck, are organized around the individual topics of payment reform, price transparency, the state of U.S. healthcare, and value-based insurance design.

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Broker Briefs

These are two-page articles you can brand with your logo as handouts or convert to bylined articles. They cover the following topics:
  • Payment Reform 101
  • Transparency: Shining a Light on the Price and Quality of Healthcare
  • Benefit Design and Payment Reform: A Powerful Pair for Change
  • Curbing Inappropriate Care: How Payment Reform Can Help
  • Value-Based Insurance Design

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Talking Points

This document is four pages of talking points you can adapt and personalize if you need to deliver remarks on payment reform in healthcare. They are based on the NAUEF 10-part webinar series on the “New Landscape of Healthcare Reform.”

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You can use your logo to brand these infographics on three essential payment reform topics that are being broadly discussed today: 1) the movement from volume to value in payment strategies; 2) bundled payments; and 3) reference pricing. They are useful tools for explaining the concepts to clients and other stakeholders.

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Understanding Value-Based Insurance Products in Your Market

Assessing the markets you serve can put you in a better position to understand what payment reform models are likely to work and help you engage in conversations about payment reform with your clients. Knowing what value-based products insurers are offering will help you stay one step ahead of clients’ questions. Organizing Health Plan User Groups can help you start a dialogue among purchasers and carriers in the markets you serve. Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) has developed a suite of tools described that can help brokers achieve all of these goals.

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Glossary of Payment Reform Terms

The Center for Healthcare Quality & Payment Reform developed “The Payment Reform Glossary” to define and explain the terminology used to describe methods of paying for healthcare services. The glossary is designed to facilitate a better understanding of payment reform concepts and to create a foundation for a common language for developing and discussing payment reform concepts so they can be supported and implemented by all stakeholders — patients, providers, employers, health plans, and government agencies. The glossary breaks down the complex concepts of payment reform so patients, providers, purchasers, and policy-makers can understand the advantages and disadvantages of different payment models and the rationale for including various components of payment models.

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The Resources Guide

This guide contains links to 25 reports and other resources that shed greater light on many of the concepts reviewed in the webinar series and elsewhere in the toolkit. They are useful for going in depth on cost, payment reform, transparency, and benefit design.

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