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Smoking Cessation Collaboration

Part I

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Cigarette smoking is highly prevalent and increases the risk of many serious health complications. Few people successfully quit smoking on their own because nicotine addiction is a chronic, relapsing medical condition with physical and behavioral factors. Offering comprehensive smoking cessation benefits, including pharmacotherapy and behavioral support, can help smokers quit. Leading health agencies and business organizations have called for comprehensive smoking cessation benefits. A smoking cessation benefit has been shown to be valuable for both employees and employers.

Renee Juhl, PharmD, provides an overview on the financial and clinical impact of cigarette smoking on an organization, demonstrates the value of smoking cessation benefits to an organization, discusses the components of smoking cessation coverage, available treatment options and presents best practices in smoking cessation management.

Part II

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Everyone benefits when the air is cleared of secondhand smoke. Workers become healthier, and healthier workers miss less work, are more productive and have lower health care costs. Smoke-free initiatives are good for your workers' health - and that's good for your bottom line. Without changing lifestyle choices and company policies toward promoting healthy behavior, things will only get worst. This session discusses how agents and brokers can help clients meet their insurance needs by providing a variety of plans and explaining the pros and cons of each. Unique collaboration can be offered to reduce tobacco use and increase awareness for potential cost savings to employers who implement evidence-based cessation programs that work. Comprehensive cessation programs save money. A wellness plan cannot be measured in bottom-line savings alone. The improved worker productivity, morale and overall health of employees will no doubt be recognized.

Susan Rider, employee benefits senior account manager, discusses in detail how to gain direct access to trained professionals that provide one-on-one counseling over the phone, an employer referral to the program with consent of employee and discount coupons for gums, patches and other medications to assist employee in becoming a non-smoker.